Widows/Widowers and Missions
Dave is the firstborn of 5 siblings and was raised in northern Virginia. He went to LSU for an accounting degree and was introduced to the church of Christ on campus. He was baptized on May 7th, 1973. He was a VISTA volunteer in Columbia, South Carolina. He spent 11 years in Raleigh, NC where he worked as a book-keeper and 6 years in Greenville, NC. He got a Masters in Social Work there and married the love of his life, Mary Hook, in 1987. After 4 and a half years, they moved to Uyo, Nigeria, West Africa to teach at Nigerian Christian Institute, a school of preaching and secondary school. They were blessed with the addition of Jesse in 1994 and Janet in 1995. They worked there for 10 years. Then they moved to Florence so David could get Bachelors and Masters degrees from Heritage Christian University. Their family placed membership at Petersville in November, 2002. Dave worked as a preacher in Flatwoods, TN and as a host at a restaurant. He now volunteers at NAMI, Glenwood Nursing Home, and Gentiva Hospice- he enjoys working with older people very much.


Building and Grounds
Michael grew up going to church his whole life- his dad (Nolan Burns) was a preacher. He has been married to Beth since 1989 and they have 4 children: Dustin, Drew, Lindsey, and Bryson. They started attending Petersville in February of 2001 and he became a deacon in 2004. He has worked for the city of Florence Water Dept. as a Water Plant Operator since 1991. He likes to hunt and fish, and watching the Andy Griffith show. He likes to joke and kid around with people. “Life is too short- you need to enjoy every minute you are blessed with.”


Benevolence and Missions


Education and Worship


Children’s Ministry (3 year olds- 6th grade)
Brad has been attending Petersville since 2008. He married his wife Courtney in 2009 and they have 3 wonderful children- Cidney, Calleigh, and Chesney. He has worked at Wal-Mart since November, 2001 and now serves as an assistant manager. He also has a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Masters in Education. His hobbies include spending time with family and going to antique tractor shows.




Bradley has been attending the Petersville congregation all of his life with his parents, Wade and Susie. He was recently appointed as deacon in 2014. He married April in 2007 and recently welcomed their first child, Ruthie Kate, in July of 2013.


Worship Service, Outreach, Shut-in, Communion
Wade has served as a deacon for 20+ years. Wade was baptized here at Petersville in 1982, and soon after married his wife Susie. Together they have two sons, Bradley and Tyler and two daughters-in-law, April and Jessica. Wade loves being a Poppy to his grand-daughter Ruthie. Wade is a converter technician at Comcast Cable and has been there for 33years. Wade is loving and dedicated to whatever he does; family, church, friends, and his job. Wade loves people and is a great encourager to all those he meets. Wade’s favorite scripture is Psalm 100 “….for the Lord is good and His love endures forever…”


Worship Service, Vehicle Maintenance
Keith has been attending Petersville church of Christ for 10 years and served as a deacon for 3. He is married to Rhonda, and they have two wonderful children, Nathan and his wife Kate, and Katelan and her husband Joe Creasy. He has always enjoyed working on cars and small machines, so it was no surprise when he opened his own mechanic shop, West Tire and Auto, in 2003. He is a successful and honest businessman who loves his job. When not working, he enjoys camping and old cars.
When he first met his Father-in-Law, he was asked if he was ‘wormy’ because he was so skinny. It stuck and is now his nickname.
His favorite verses are John 3:16 and Philippians 4:6.


Outreach and Youth
Originally from Hohenwald, TN, he graduated from Freed-Hardeman in May of 2008 with a degree in Youth Ministry. After graduation he became the full time youth minister here at Petersville and two weeks later married his beautiful wife, Faith Hutton (of Double Springs, AL). They have two precious children, Jack and Emma. Dustin has been the deacons of visitation/outreach since June of 2013.

Joe Creasy

Social Media, Worship Services, New Members

Brandon Balentine


Meet Brandon Balentine, a dedicated deacon overseeing Audio-Visuals at the Petersville Church of Christ. Brandon, along with his cherished wife Lindsey, has been an integral part of the Petersville congregation for an impressive 14 years. Their commitment to the church is not only seen in their active involvement but also in the warmth and love they contribute to the community.

Brandon and Lindsey are blessed with two wonderful daughters, Sophie and Libby, who add an extra layer of joy and family spirit to the Balentine household. The Balentines, as a family, have embraced Petersville as not just a place of worship but as a home filled with genuine fellowship and support.

Within the Petersville congregation, Brandon finds great joy in participating in annual church events, such as Trunk or Treat and Cookies with Santa. These occasions provide an excellent opportunity for church members to come together, fostering a sense of unity and shared celebration. Brandon appreciates the importance of such events in building a strong and connected congregation.

Beyond his church involvement, Brandon enjoys spending quality family time, emphasizing the significance of building lasting memories with his loved ones. An interesting aspect of Brandon’s life is his passion for the Florence Ghostbusters, showcasing his enthusiasm for unique and entertaining hobbies.

One verse that holds a special place in Brandon’s heart is Matthew 5:9, which states, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.” This verse reflects Brandon’s commitment to promoting peace and harmony within the church community and beyond.

Jimmy Marks


Meet Jimmy Marks, a devoted deacon overseeing security at the Petersville Church of Christ. Jimmy, along with his loving wife Sheila, has been an integral part of the Petersville congregation for the past five years. In their time at Petersville, they have found a community that not only embraces love but also actively engages in meaningful work.

Jimmy describes Petersville as a loving and working church, Jimmy expresses his belief that it is a great place for everyone to be involved. His commitment to serving as a deacon in the security ministry reflects his dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of the church community.

One of Jimmy’s greatest joys at Petersville is the singing and worship that take place within its walls. The heartfelt melodies and collective praise create an atmosphere of worship that helps build his faith.

For Jimmy, his source of strength and hope comes from his favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, which states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse serves as a guiding light for Jimmy, empowering him in his role as a deacon and in every aspect of his life.

Outside his church responsibilities Jimmy enjoys Hunting and working with his farm animals. 

Todd Mays

Missions and Facilities
Meet Todd Mays, a devoted deacon at the Petersville Church of Christ, where he has been an integral part of the congregation since 2002. Todd’s journey at Petersville is closely intertwined with his personal life, and he has found not just a church but a second home within its walls.
Todd has been happily married to his wife Kim since 1997, and together they have built a loving family. The Mays family includes two sons, Colby Mays and Bo Balentine, both of whom are now married. Todd and Kim are blessed with the joy of being grandparents to two precious granddaughters.
Beyond his family and church responsibilities, Todd has a knack for working on cars and construction projects, earning him the title of “Mr. Fix It.” This hands-on approach to problem-solving reflects Todd’s practical and resourceful nature.
What Todd values most about Petersville is the strong sense of family atmosphere and the genuine love that members consistently show for one another. This tight-knit community has played a significant role in shaping Todd’s perspective on the importance of support and compassion within the church.
Todd’s favorite Bible verse, Proverbs 27:17, holds a special place in his heart: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” For Todd, this verse serves as a meaningful reminder of the responsibility to build up and encourage those around us. It encapsulates his belief in the transformative power of positive relationships and mutual support within the church community.
With a heart for service and a passion for fostering connections, Todd Mays continues to be an essential pillar within the Petersville Church of Christ, embodying the spirit of unity and love that defines this faith community.

Justin Marks

Young Professionals

Jerry Patrick

Facilities and New Members