Preacher support, medical support, school
We are proud to have been able to work with the church in the village of Dona Monga in the French-speaking country of Chad in Africa. We support 3 preachers, 2 of which also teach at a school they started last year that reaches over 600 students. There is also a medical office on the church’s property that serves thousands of villiagers each year. If you have any questions about this work or would like to support this work, you can contact Steve Worley at sworley98@yahoo.com


Preacher support
The Petersville Church has supported Chris for the better part of 13 years. Chris, along with his wife Gill and children, have been instrumental in planting 9 churches in South Africa and already have plans for the next. They have been blessed in thier work and have baptised more than 200 over the past 13 years. They were instumental in extending the Eastern Cape Bible College, to a full time College . They recently purchased a 45 acre farm in which they plan on building classrooms for the ECBC and a church building. They also plan to build cabins as a retreat for area preachers who need a place to retreat and recharge thier spiritual batteries. Later the plans will include a building to be used as a multi-purpose education center. If you would like to contact Chris about his work or support, you can contact him at cdupreez@telkomsa.net


Preacher support
The Petersville Church has supported Alex for over 18 years. Alex is very well respected as a preacher of the Gospel, throughout the brotherhood. Alex, his wife Gillian and children, work with the West Mains Church Of Christ in East Kilbride. Alex has not only helped that congregation see growth in numbers, but also in the number of souls brought to Christ. The Church outreach ministries include a Craft Club, a Foodbank Ministry and to add to the work the congregation is working towards starting a Friendspeak ministry to help people whose first language isn’t English learn the language. The Congregation have several Bible studies each week. The West Mains congregation currently meets in a rented space and is trying to raise funds for a building so they can have an established presence in that area. If you would like to contact Alex about his work or support, he can be reached at. Alexgear2@virginmedia.com
(Click on West Mains for link to pictures of current meeting place.)
  • Kirktonholme Community Hall
  • 110 Kirktonholme Road
  • West Mains
  • East Kilbride
  • G74 1BD
  • Service Times:10:00 am Sunday Bible Classes
  • 11:00 am Sunday Morning Worship
  • 5:15 pm Sunday Evening Worship
  • 7.00 pm Tuesday Midweek Bible Study


Haiti School of Biblical Studies, Childrens’s Home, Medical Clinic
The worth in Haiti includes the HSBS, Haiti School of Biblical Studies, it is in its second year with over 40 students. The work includes support for Brother Jean Claubert Belton and Brother George. We are building a guest house to sleep 24 workers. We are also building a Children’s Home, Ashley’s Home. Another project is a 1,500 plus sq ft medical clinic. As we get Ashley’s Home and the Medical Clinic operational we will be working with several projects, building homes in the Ganthier area. We will work to drill wells using auger well drilling. We are working to start skills training, to help the people live, some of these are, sewing, hair styling, masonry, a variety of gardening projects and some micro loans to help them have a business. We will have mission teams out teaching and preaching. We are working to do church plants at Mirebalis and Jacmel. Pray and help support the work there.
Our Website: haitimissions.us (Click on Joe Holley to link to site.)


Preacher Support
Gordon Lindley and his wife Barbara moved to Dubois in late 2016 to become the Preacher at the Dubois Church of Christ. Gordon began his ministry for the Lord with training at Preston Road School Of Preaching in Dallas. Many times throughout his preaching career Gordon has also had secular jobs to help suppliment his income. Along the way Gordon has worked as a Counselor, Chaplain, Disk Jockey, and even a sworn Law Enforcement Officer while preaching the gospel. We are exicited to have Gordon and his wife Barbara at the Dubois Church Of Christ and look forward to growing a friendship and relationship with them.


Bear Valley Bible Institute of Oceania
Jason and Devan Pierce have been blessed with four sons: Austin, Cory, Caleb, and Nathan. Jason and Devan both have a great love for mission work. They have spent three years doing full-time mission work in Moscow, Russia. In recent years, they have been involved in short term campaigns into the South Pacific. In 2016, they plan to move to Suva, Fiji, where they will be involved in starting a new extension program of the Bear Valley Bible Institute International. Jason will serve as a full-time instructor and the Academic Dean. Bear Valley Bible Institute of Oceania is a full-time, two-year program designed to train preachers, evangelists, and church leaders how to plant and build faithful churches of the Lord’s church. During their time there, students will take forty-eight classes covering every book of the Bible, preaching and ministry, Bible backgrounds, and New Testament doctrine. They will also be involved in six week long mission campaigns. Jason and Devan will be working with his parents, Rocco and Debbie Pierce, who have thirteen years of full-time experience working in the South Pacific.
Those interested in learning more about the work can contact Jason and Devan at jhpierce.bvbio@gmail.com. If you would like to receive our newsletter by e-mail, send us a message with your name and e-mail address asking to be added to our newsletter list. Support can be sent to the Killen Church of Christ at P.O. Box 76, Killen, AL 35645. Please put “For Jason Pierce Fiji Mission” in the memo line.


Liberte’ Ministries (Liberty in French) began in 2010 as a response to the earthquake that devastated much of Haiti. Once relief work shifted to recovery and then long term planning; the Haiti School of Biblical Studies (HSBS) began. HSBS is a 4 year, intensive Bible track that equips students to be both practitioners and communicators of the Good News. Students beginning their third year, who are in good standing academically, are offered the opportunity to receive a scholarship for vocational training in a variety of occupations. We also are the sole support for the Lilavois Orphanage and Elementary school. Serving 50 children ages 6-18, the orphanage provides a safe and secure home for children in need. The elementary school not only offers education to the children living in the orphanage but also to children in the Lilavois community. Capacity for the school is 231 children.
In all we do our all-volunteer team is dedicated to promoting freedom; first and foremost in Jesus Christ. We also believe that quality, biblical education and empowerment to be economically self-sufficient offers freedom as well. As we serve our family in Haiti we wish only to walk beside them and support them as they do amazing things for God.
You can click on the name Liberte’ Ministries above to link to the website and we are on Facebook as Liberte Ministries


Rowland was trained as a peacher of the gospel at Nigerian Christian Institute. (NCI). He is from the Ponyan in Kogi State and married with with 3 children.
Rowland organizes open air lectures at least every 3 months and does house to house evangilism as his daily job. He also is a fill in preacher for churches in the area.