Missions Projects



  • We are collecting cereal boxes to be shipped to Haiti. Haiti Missions currently has 6 people employed making beads from these boxes. They turn them into beautiful pieces of jewerly such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. This is a great way to not only support this work, but it helps 6 individuals have employment to help support thier families.


If you have any old prescription glasses that you no longer wear, or need, they can be refurbished and given to someone in need. Please help with this cause if you can in any way.


Petersville Church Of Christ is proud to be a drop off point for MAGI Boxes. MAGI stands for Making A Godly Impact and is a program through Healing Hands International. MAGI boxes are care packages put together by Churches, organizations and people who want to impact the lives of others. Great projects for youth groups! Boxes are currently sent to Hondurus, Mexico, Zambia, and they are working on trying to ship to the Dominican Republic. Healing Hands provides the boxes and lists of suggested items for the boxes, which can include childs clothing, toys, toiletries, and Bibles. (Boxes are free but they will accept a donation to help with postage). If you would like more information about this wonderful program, click on Healing Hands International in the title and the link will send you to their website. You can also call Petersville Church Of Christ and our Secretary can direct you to our Deacon over missions and he can give you more info. If you fill boxes and can get them to Petersville Church Of Christ, we will see that they get delivered to HHI in Nashville.